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My Idea of Partnership

As a free woman, I long for partnership with a man in which I neither subjugate myself, nor turn away from him, nor place myself above and mother him. Being a heterosexual woman, I say: I need men. Yet I neither need the man as a ruler nor as a henpecked husband nor in his old role as teacher and instructor. I want him as a truly potent, sensual lover, as someone who knows sensual love. (…) I will no longer bind him to me with tricks, because I have experienced that blackmailing destroys the very thing we originally love about each other. I will support men by showing them what I love and desire about them and what I do not. If I truly surrender to a man, including sexually, I will not become dependent, but free. Both we women and men offered our Eros to each other as a way to serve and say thank you to Mother Earth. To come to the fulfillment we desire, we need to integrate the sacred aspect of sexuality. My feminine religious longing needs neither churches nor altars. Patriarchal religions have established themselves by suppressing our erotic and sexual reality. It was a tool of power against the erotic authority of feminine cultures. As a woman, I will develop myself culturally and historically to become a powerful organ caring for Mother Earth. I will help raise consciousness about this issue in many women. The Earth is as physical as we are. It is a matter of reawakening a cellular knowledge in our bodies. We can access it through the right kind of wakefulness, perception and presence for each other and by becoming sensually present for this Earth.

-- Sabine Lichtenfels

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