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The difference

The first big truth. Of the billions of beings and things, none are exactly the same as any other. So let's avoid associating by analogy, and see these differences. We see similarities that do not exist. This is due to the lack of sophistication of our view. To have a fixed and rigid vision of the external world is the expression of ignorance and the cause of all our misfortunes. Everything changes, everything is different but we do not manage to perceive it. We always see what we want to see. It is the illusion (Maya), a veil before our eyes, that prevents us from seeing what is. Basically, what you have to see is that everything is different. I am here, you are here. Both are different.

Since everything is different, no one can expect the other to act in a particular way. Since he is different, he can only behave differently. He could only act in the way that suits you if he were you, which is not the case and if the situation in which he finds himself is the same as you. So you have to try to understand others rather than assign them the qualifier of good or bad. This is how you can overcome differences and perceive the uniqueness of each thing.

Swami Prajananpad

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