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Integral education

Dernière mise à jour : 27 mars 2019

Fabrice Dini

Integral education is an open and complete system that can also be adapted to all children, according to their personality and their needs. It covers in a coherent and subtle way all the physical, emotional, mental and inner aspects of a child’s development, through

Daily physical activities and the mastery of one’s body and its functions;the development of the senses;the mastery of one’s character, the blossoming of core human values (courage, sincerity, goodness, nobility, etc.) as well as the intrinsic strengths of the child;the development of the ethical and the aesthetic sensethe methodical refinement of the mental faculties (observation, concentration, memorization, imagination, reasoning, etc.);self-awareness.

All this offers the child a profound psychological knowledge of self, but also brings him to discover what makes him a unique being. He will develop self-mastery and the capacity to blossom while being at the service of people around him and nature. He will be able to keep enthusiasm, curiosity and the thirst for progress and perfection alive within himself throughout his life.

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